Schwinn 240 Recumbent Bike Review

If your looking to lose weight or need to exercise at home the Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike is probably the ultimate way to do it – without ever having to pay 1000’s on expensive gym fees. schwinn 240 recumbent bike

In fact, with Schwinn’s technology that has gone into this bike, you basically have the same standard as any recumbent bike you’ll find at a modern fitness center or gym. Featuring 16 resistance/fitness workout levels along with a 20 pound fly wheel, you’ll be able to have the same feel as pedaling outdoors while exercising your main leg muscle groups at home in front of your TV. Being able to exercise effectively your large muscle groups such as legs and buttocks is a tremendous way to burn calories fast and ultimately lose weight or increase fitness without having to worry about injuries. This machine is ideal for that – especially for those new to exercise or recovering from injuries and don’t want to have back or knee impacts from pounding the streets when running.

At Ultimate eDeals we’ve taken a look at quite few recumbent exercise bikes brands to review such as Precor, Stamina, Sunny and Horizon and failed to find anything close to match the Schwinn 240 in terms of quality, ratings and value for money.

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The Schwinn 240 measures 67 inches by 13 inches by 26 inches and weighs 115.8 pounds. Your buy is roofed by a range of warranties together with a 5 year frame warranty, a 1 year parts warranty, a Three month wear parts warranty as well as a Three month labor warranty.

Below is a full review of the recumbent bike – features, the good, the bad, buyers feedback and links to more information and best pricing.

Schwinn 240 Recumbent Bike Review

With the Schwinn 240, you’ll be able to choose from 17 workout programs including workouts that focuses on heart rate, 8 course profiles, and 2 user profiles for modifying your own workouts. It’s certainly the complete package in recumbent exercise bikes and a step way above previous models such as the Schwinn 220. Whether your looking at getting fit, recovering from injuries or just trying lose a few pounds for summer, you’ll have great flexibility with the Schwinn 240. You’ll certainly will be in a position to choose a program that is suited to your needs.

Schwinn 240 Best Price Comparision


Schwinn 240 Features

  • Schwinn 240Recumbent stationary bike for the home along with 16 fitness levels as well as 20 lb fly wheel
  • Telemetry enabled, integration held heart rate program for simple fitness checking
  • Seating system with cushioned ergonomic chair as well as dual-position lumbar support
  • 17 exercise programs, including 8 course information, focus on heartbeat, 2 person profiles with custom workout routines
  • 300 pound optimum person weight; 5 year guarantee on frame, 12 months on parts as well as electronics

Moreover, the Schwinn 240 has an in-built grip heartbeat system which is great for monitoring how well you’re progressing even though working out. Additionally, it includes Schwinn 240 Advantage exercise monitoring which you can use to set your workout goals and see how well you’re progressing easily about the console.

The Schwinn 240 also comes with a comfy seating system that has an ergonomically designed padded seat with dual-position lumbar support. Furthermore, you will be able to adjust the seat and console, making sure that you are comfy whilst working out on the exercise bike.

The good:

Comfort – it has a good cushioning and very comfortable seat. It’s ideal for these with bad backs or recovering from injuries that want a low impact but high intensity workouts.

Sturdy & well built – There is a very ‘solid as a rock’ feel about this bike – usually at this price you’ll have bike a that’s feels like its loose or going to fall apart any second – which is not the case with the Schwinn 240.

Smooth pedaling – A very free flowing smooth action with the bike pedals have a nice snug feel with lot of room for the biggest of feet.

Incredibly quiet – The bike basically operates with hardly any noise making the experience very enjoyable while you watch TV or listen to your favorite music. Even though you cycle up to the highest setting it’ll make extremely little noise therefore you can cycle away while you watch TV or play music on your stereo, without needing to crank the volume up higher. In addition, you don’t have to worry about upsetting the neighbours or annoying other folks in the home. You can simply cycle to any distance and burn hundreds of calories without hardly anybody noticing.

Easy transition in levels – Many owners comment on how easy or smooth the changes are while cascading through the different resistance levels.

Fantastic Resistance Range – Whether or not you’re a newcomer or perhaps superior cyclist, the Schwinn 240 Recumbent Stationary bike could have a resistance level you like. The smallest resistance level is simple ample for essentially the most not fit website visitors to manage whist the greatest level of resistance provides a tough challenge should you have many years of bicycling encounter to their name.

The Bad:

Manual Adjustment of Seat: The most disappointing feature of the Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike is the seat design. Instead of having a release bar and sliding back and forwards, you have to unscrew the seat, move it and then screw it back in. This isn’t a major inconvenience as once you’ve got the seat in position, you don’t have to move it again. However, it’s a lot more difficult to adjust than it is on other bikes.

Lacks a good manual – A lot of buyers comment how the manual is not detailed enough to learn how to operate this complex machine when delivered. However, the Schwinn website has great manual with more detail that you can download plus support if you need it.
Click here to download the manual at Schwinn’s website.

Heart Rate Indicator – It’s been reported HRM on the handle bars can sometimes not be very responsive – as is the case with most lower budget models. So we have to say it’s not the main design feature on this bike, nevertheless you’ll find it does work most of the time.

Setting/building the bike – Can be tricky for some who aren’t manually gifted or aren’t really strong, have somebody to help with setting it up. The Schwinn customer service hot line is also very helpful.

Product Comparison on Schwinn Recumbent Bikes

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Schwinn 240 Recumbent Bike Conclusion

Schwinn 240So in summary, if you value riding bikes yet wish to workout easily at home without spending 1000’s of dollars, you should look into buying the Schwinn 240.

It’s very safe to say that the Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike gives you everything you need from an at home exercise bike.  It’s very well priced, it has great tracking on the progresson of anyone who uses it, it’s suitable for beginners and cycling enthusiasts alike and it makes virtually no noise.  The seat is fiddly and slightly annoying to use but once you’ve got it in position, so you really don’t have to have any concerns or worry regarding it  for the rest of your workout.  If you can cope with this small design fault, the Schwinn 240 is one of the best in its class.

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More Information on Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Regardless of the competition from fashionable new health & fitness inventors, recumbent exercise bikes such as the Schwinn 240, continue to be popular choices for home exercise. They offer exactly the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at any time, in any weather, without leaving enhanced comfort and safety of home. Exercise bikes don’t take up much space, require little if any balance or coordination, and can provide an efficient workout for all amounts of users, from beginners to serious competitors. While the same might be said for several other kinds of home fitness equipment, the stationary bike such as the Schwinn 240, is one of the few that permits you to view television or read a magazine as you exercise. For most people, having convenient access to quality fitness equipment is crucial to staying with a long-term workout program and the Schwinn 240 can certainly make it a reality.

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